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    #85 – Check

    Another off my 101 list (as I try to update my completed items by my “new” deadline).  This time its #85…Visit Joey and Donna.  Joey is my husband’s older brother, who just happens to live in Florida.  We were able to soak in the sun and create some memories.

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    #59 – Check

    This summer the girls and I went on a road trip to visit friends and family.  Part of our trip was up to the Buffalo area to visit one of my closest friends from college.  It was also on my 101 list.  I haven’t seen this friend since my baby shower, when I was pregnant with Grace.  And the AMAZING thing about this friendships is the way we totally picked up like it hadn’t been years since we had seen each other.  And to see our kids playing together was such a wonderful experience.

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    Happy 2011 | Bucks County Photography

    I know, its been awhile since I’ve posted and my “Happy New Year” post is a little late.  But, I really enjoyed the holidays with my family and have had trouble getting bad into work mode.  I’m very excited and have so much to look forward to in 2011.  I have numerous personal goals and projects, as well as some very exciting business goals.  I’m working on lots of behind the scenes projects right now and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Also, I think its about time I address my 101 in 1001 list.  Bad news is the 1001 days ended sometime in October.  Good news is its…

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    #52 Check

    This post could also be named “why I love being a photographer”. Not only do I get the opportunity to photograph families and children and capture their special moments and relationships, but I get the chance to meet other photographers. Its great to have a network of peers who have the same passion and understand the ups and downs of having a photography business. I am fortunate to know Heather for about a year now and we have gotten together to have a photo shoot with our daughters. Well, as I’ve gotten more and more pregnant, I knew I had “Have maternity photos taken of me” on my 101 list.…

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    #56 – Check

    So its been a while since I’ve had any updates about my 101 list. And considering its less than a year until my time is up, I better get going on doing things and updating about them. For example, this 101 is from last summer…”Grow flowers from seeds”. See the thing is I don’t have a green thumb, quite the opposite actually. I love flowers and have always wanted a beautiful flower garden, but I just don’t know I’m doing. But last spring, I bought seeds, trays and soil pellets. It was definitely a experiment and I learned a bunch of things. But I did end up with flowers, so…