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    Mom & Daughter

    Here is finally the winning session from my Blog Party in June. A sentimental entry from her mom tug at my heart and I got to photograph this fun senior, Elise. She has the most beautiful eyes. And smile. She stayed very serious for most of the session. But every once and awhile I would get a geniune smile. So pretty. Mom and Elise…

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    School’s (almost) Out For Summer

    Its so hard to think of fun titles for posts…so please just ignore my cheesey title to this post. I’m finally getting around to posting these photos from my senior session. S is now close to graduation and I’m so excited for her. We had a blast walking around Dolystown and finding some neat places for photos. Enjoy.

  • Family,  Seniors


    I had the pleasure of photographing an extended family after Christmas. So many cousins and lots of freckles and red hair!! These two are cousins, although they could pass as sisters. A beautiful senior….had to drag her outside to get some photos. She was such a natural in front of the camera. She was introduced as the one in the family who doesn’t get sunburned! This guy was so out numbered… The youngest of the bunch…Love his blue eyes.