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You know how after you stop doing something for a while, its that much harder to get back to doing it.  Well, that would be the case with blogging.  A normal busy fall turned into a busier holiday season, followed by the cold depressing winter months, where getting out of a warm bed deserves an award.  And now, here I am, months since my last blog post.  My lack of blogging isn’t due to the lack of beautiful portraits of families, kids and weddings to share.  Its actually a little embarrassing how many portrait sessions I’ve never shared.  Well, things are about to change!   And I’m not going to make any promises, at least not yet, but I might even bring back some past weekly posts that I had on my blog in the past.

But,  before diving in some of my past and recent favorites, I thought I would ease back into the blogging world by sharing a recent (as in taken less than an hour ago) one of my girls.  They are growing so fast and I just wish I could slow down time.  They will say to each other, at random times “Best big (or little) sister ever!” while giving hugs.  They are so good to each other and I love hearing them giggling and playing together. This image capture their relationship perfectly me…the protective older sister, with her arm around her little sis, who is always so full of giggles.

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