Family,  Kids


Want to know the reason why my blogging has been so lacking in recent months?  Because sometimes I just don’t know what to write.  Its hard to to come up with fun post titles.  And then I need to try and sound smart, witty and funny in my posts. Its not easy.  I have never been a great writer.  My spelling is horrible (thank goodness for spell check) and I’m sure my grammar could be improved.  But, I do love to show the beautiful children and families that I have the honor to photograph.  It is really is such an honor, to be trusted with your memories.  It is so important to preserve this time.  To capture your family, at this stage.  You kids won’t always be this little.   And here is a wonderful family I recently photographed.  I’m so glad it finally worked out and I was able to capture these moments for them!!

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