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The thing is, I just adore black and white film.  Its how I fell in love with photography.  There is a depth to it that just isn’t there when you convert digital images to b&w.  And the science geek that I am, I love being in the photography “lab”, processing my negatives and printing my own black and white prints.  I mean, there’s a timer and you need to mix chemicals, its science and art combined!  It doesn’t get any better!!

So, this summer my cousin and I packed up the girls (5 of them) and headed to a beautiful location for photos.  Of course, getting 5 girls dressed and out of the house is never an easy task.  There were some tears and a lot of “I don’t want to wear that”.  But we finally get the car loaded up and I decided I would bring the Holga for fun.  We get there and I realize don’t have a SINGLE memory card.  Camera, lens, flash- check.  But memory cards – NOPE!   So instead, I had a mere 12 frames to photograph these girls.  To go from a mind set of “I can take a couple hundred images” to “I can press the shutter 12 times”,  really makes you stop and think.  You have to think about if the image is worthy of actually pressing the shutter.  The girls had fun and I got some really nice images.  It was only maybe the 3rd time I’ve used the Holga (which is a plastic “toy” film camera), so I still never know what is going to happen.  Some aren’t exactly sharp (or maybe even in focus), but I’m still learning how to use this $30 toy.

After I took my 12 portraits, we did stop home, grab the memory cards and headed back out for more photos, but I will share them another time.  For now here are some of my favorite film images from that morning…

The two youngest girls, about 1 month apart.  I love to see them together.  They have their own way of communicating with each other (like pointing and pushing).  Its so fun to just watch them.




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